The MA Hoisting License exam is a multiple-choice exam comprised of roughly 40 questions. There is currently no practical component on the state exam. You must score a 70% or better on the exam to pass, and will see a range of questions from safety on equipment to questions about the state law. Many of the questions are very tricky, and ask detailed questions about state law, so even the most experienced operators find many of these exam questions challenging because they are not familiar with Massachusetts State Law.

During the class, we meet with you one on one and help you with submitting your application. This is especially helpful because many people fill out their application incorrectly, which results in delays.

Important Notice: Effective immediately, under Massachusetts Law Chapter 146, Section 57, each application shall entitle the applicant to one examination only.

What this means is the applicant must pay a $75 state fee for each endorsement (i.e. ā€œ1Cā€) in addition to the course fee. So, if the applicant chooses to obtain both their 1C and 2A endorsement, the state fee will be $150.

The Good News

The law states applicants may only sit for one test on each testing date. If you choose to take multiple exams (i.e. 1C & 2A), Mass Hoisting Training, Inc., has the ability to sign you up to take both tests on the same day. This will allow you to get both licenses right away, and only make one trip to take the test.