Why a blank check? Good question…

The state charges $75/exam, which must accompany your application(s) in the form of a check/money order when submitting to the state. We educate on two endorsements each class (i.e. 1C/2A), which are two separate exams, and our students have the option to take one, or both of those exams.

All too often, a student shows up expecting to take one exam, then halfway through the class decides they would prefer to take both. In the event a student showed up with their check already filled out for one exam, this check is no longer useful and requires the student to submit at a later time.

As mentioned, state fees are $75/exam. If you know for certain ahead of time that you want to take one exam ($75) or both exams ($150), then you may fill the check out ahead of time. Checks should be made out to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Can I submit one check for a group of people?

The short answer is yes. The only danger comes if one person from the group gets denied, then the entire group gets denied. For that reason, it is best to submit individual checks. Being denied is not very likely because we review each application before submitting and have years of experience with this part of the process, though we can not guarantee anything.

I don’t have a checking account.

You may submit a money order. Additionally, the check does not have to be in your name, so if you have a relative with a checking account, the state will still accept it.