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overviewNow offering two courses: 

  • 2A/1C Exam Prep Combo Course

    • 2A – Excavators, Front-End Loaders/Backhoes, and Unloaders.
    • 1C – Telescoping Booms without Cables, and Forklifts.
  • 1B/3A Exam Prep Combo Course

    • 1B – Telescoping booms with and without cables (cranes), and forklifts.
    • 3A – Overhead cranes; air & electric powered.

The Law

Massachusetts Department of Public Safety (“Department”) licenses and regulates the operation of hoisting equipment. The Department derives its authority to regulate hoisting operators from Massachusetts General Laws chapter 146, section 53. Additionally, the Department has promulgated regulations which are codified in section 6.00 of title 520 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations.

Anyone who wishes to operate hoisting equipment (including derricks, cableways, machinery used for discharging cargoes, and temporary elevator cars used on excavation work or used for hoisting building material) must obtain a license from the Department. Hoisting operators must be 18 years of age, complete an application, and successfully pass an examination covering all working parts of the hoisting machinery, safe operating practices, hand signals, and inspection procedures in order to obtain a license.

The State Exam

Important Notice: Effective immediately, under Massachusetts Law Chapter 146, Section 57, each application shall entitle the applicant to one examination only.

What this means is the applicant must pay a $75 state fee for each endorsement (i.e. “1C”) in addition to the course fee. So, if the applicant chooses to obtain both their 1C and 2A endorsement, the state fee will be $150.

The Good News…
The law states applicants may only sit for one test on each testing date. If you choose to take multiple exams (i.e. 1C & 2A), Mass Hoisting Training, Inc., has the ability to sign you up to take both tests on the same day. This will allow you to get both licenses right away, and only make one trip to take the test.

If you are confused about this information, please feel free to contact Bob at (774).222.2297.

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