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Exam Lookup

This is a self-help page designed to help you understand the status of your hoisting application. Every month, the state receives thousands of applications. By simply searching your name on public records, you can gain some information regarding exam application. The link below will take you to the Department of Public Safety search.

What does this mean?

By searching your name, you will be able to see if your application has been accepted by the state. This will be indicated by a “pending” status. This means that the state has accepted your application, and is in the process of sending you a notice to appear. This may take several weeks. The next time your status is updated will be after you take the exam; this page will NEVER provide a testing date/location.

At this point, if you want more information, you can try contacting the state at 617.727.3200. You will need to provide your social security number to obtain any information about your application.

Click here to look up the status of your applicationĀ 

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